Thank you for your interest in the Away app ☺️ The app is in active development, and I plan to continue improving the app and keep adding features. Because this is a side project, it doesn’t always go as fast as I’d like. I’m always interested to connect and hear your feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out via email!


Version 1.3.0

  • We’ve added the ability to see mentions - now you can easily stay on top of all the interactions happening on your Twitter account and never miss a mention or reply again.
  • Improvements to the messages area - now you don’t have to confirm concluding the conversation every time, and instead can undo the action later.
  • Added Leave a Review link in Settings

Version 1.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • Improve layout in accessibility text sizes
  • Sometimes a loading error would show when the only message received is a from a suspended user

Version 1.2.0

The app got a facelift!

What’s New

  • More ergonomic account switching - swipe right or left, or use the floating menu button to switch between accounts
  • Redesign of the home with more muted colors and more prominent content
  • The deep link button on tweets is now always available, and not only when there are replies

Bug Fixes

  • The deep link button on the DM screen would sometimes be inactive
  • Improved displayed state when there’s no recent tweets available via the api
  • When you get a message from a user that’s been deleted or suspended, the app will show that.

Version 1.1

This is the first proper update to the app with new functionality.

What’s New

  • Choose your preferred way to open tweets and DMs - in the official Twitter app, Tweetbot, browser or in-app Safari. Your preference is saved in settings, and can be changed at any time. If your favorite option is not supported - please send a feature request!

  • Unread message preview now shows the last message, not first, so it’s easier to spot whether you got additional new messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Now using your preferred external mail client to send mail (in case you want to reach out)
  • Fixed occasional text jumping on the main screen

Initial release

Version 1.0

The first version of the app ☺️

What’s New

  • Unanswered messages
  • Latest tweet stats (reply, retweet, quote, like count)
  • Options to hide individual tweet stats, hide zero stats
  • Time since last tweeted (for own tweets, not replies)
  • Follower count - rounded or precise
  • Multiple account support
  • One-time PRO upgrade via In-App Purchase