Thank you for your interest in the Away app ☺️ The app is in active development, and I plan to continue improving the app and keep adding features. Because this is a side project, it doesn’t always go as fast as I’d like. I’m always interested to connect and hear your feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out via email!


Version 1.1

This is the first proper update to the app with new functionality.

What’s New

  • Choose your preferred way to open tweets and DMs - in the official Twitter app, Tweetbot, browser or in-app Safari. Your preference is saved in settings, and can be changed at any time. If your favorite option is not supported - please send a feature request!

  • Unread message preview now shows the last message, not first, so it’s easier to spot whether you got additional new messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Now using your preferred external mail client to send mail (in case you want to reach out)
  • Fixed occasional text jumping on the main screen

Initial release

Version 1.0

The first version of the app ☺️

What’s New

  • Unanswered messages
  • Latest tweet stats (reply, retweet, quote, like count)
  • Options to hide individual tweet stats, hide zero stats
  • Time since last tweeted (for own tweets, not replies)
  • Follower count - rounded or precise
  • Multiple account support
  • One-time PRO upgrade via In-App Purchase